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Ruslan Serhieiev

Ruslan Serhieiev

Deputy Director оf the
Department for VIP clients of the industrial and investment division
My task: To raise cash balances of companies and search for corporate loan projects in the amount of UAH 50 million or more
  • Ruslan SerhieievUsing the YC.Market tool, I search for companies by proper NACE code in the required region. I apply the "No ties with the Russian Federation" filter, look at financial indicators, and analyse deposit balances (cash and cash equivalents) and loan amounts (long-term liabilities).
  • Ruslan SerhieievBased on the results of the report, I find a potential customer with a cash balance.
  • Ruslan SerhieievAdditional analysis revealed that the funds were transferred to a current account at another bank.
It helped me to form an offer to attract the company's cash balances and offer better conditions than a competitor's bank.
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YC.Market is your reliable partner in the world of banking, which will help you make informed decisions and optimise your work with customers and partners

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Effective attraction of new customers and partners for the bank

Finding customers for banks has special aspects. On the one hand, the banking industry is guided by mostly conservative data sources and marketing methods. On the other hand, using digital tools provides advantages for fast and accurate customer research for banks. What helps to solve critical tasks effectively:

  • Attract newly established businesses to their services
  • Attract customers for payroll projects
  • Find customers for deposit products
  • Open new branches.

Successful cases of finding customers for banking products

The competitiveness of financial institutions directly depends on their customers and partners. Regular partners are the basis of stability. New customers are a factor for development and growth. Thus, the bank's customer base should be expanded regularly.

  1. To attract newly established businesses, you need data on companies and individual entrepreneurs that are created daily. This data is provided by automatic monitoring of new companies.
  2. Customers for payroll projects are companies with a certain number of employees. You require a relevant sample of companies with the appropriate number of employees and financial indicators.
  3. Attracting customers to deposit products grows if you offer the best conditions for servicing in your bank.
  4. Select customers based on over 30 criteria for loan services and assess the company's solvency based on key reliable indicators.
  5. Plan the opening of new branches based on analytics by type of activity, region, and city.
  6. Search by type of legal entity and 30 other criteria will help you find partners for specific projects.

At the same time, banking institutions must comply with financial monitoring requirements. Thus, these parameters must be considered together when attracting new customers for banks.

How can banks find customers fast, accurately, and securely?

The above examples are genuine cases of using the YC.Market tool in the banking sector. YC.Market provides accurate and timely data on existing and newly established companies that can become bank customers from official sources, analytics, flexible settings for searching for counterparties and prompt monitoring of market updates.

YC.Market helps to:

  • Quickly decide in which regions and cities it is reasonable to open branches
  • Assess which competitors are in a region or city
  • Be the first to attract new customers for banks
  • Ensure that there are no risks of cooperation (including sanctions).

Maximum opportunities for fast and accurate search for partners and attracting new customers for the bank are combined in one powerful online tool YC.Market.