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Procurement optimisation
Helps to find reliable and appropriate suppliers, which simplifies and speeds up the procurement process
Selection of quality suppliers
By applying various filters, it is possible to select companies by NACE code, region, registration date and other parameters and accurately define the target audience
Financial analysis
It is possible to assess the financial indicators of potential suppliers, ensuring stable and reliable procurement
Risk assessment
Available indicators of financial and market stability of companies, information on ties with the Russian Federation / the Republic of Belarus and sanctions
Lists and contacts
A convenient tool for creating lists of companies with contacts and additional information that can be saved and downloaded in Excel
Data relevance
Systematic database update and adding new companies

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How to find and engage suppliers: Finding effective strategies

Finding and engaging suppliers is not only a condition for your business development. It is also an indispensable requirement for conducting tender procurement. These tasks can be solved quickly and efficiently using tools for accurate supplier search.

How to find potential suppliers for your business quickly and easily?

Most business areas are directly dependent on their supplier counterparties. Exporters and importers, manufacturers and sellers, services and other industries are interested in finding reliable suppliers of goods or raw materials. This task becomes especially important when conducting tender procurement.

Choosing the right supplier brings significant benefits:

  • Favourable prices and other optimal terms of cooperation.
  • Opportunity to reduce the cost of procurement through bidding. Reducing costs leads to an increase in company profits.
  • Reduction of the corruption component. If a company does not change suppliers or invite new ones, this indicates inefficient procurement and often corruption.
  • The more potential participants you invite, the higher the chance the auction will occur.

Even having trusted partners is not a reason to put all your eggs in one basket. Business development requires constant expansion of the supplier base.

How does the YC.Market tool help you attract suppliers?

Theme events, online catalogues, and advertising are the information sources that traditionally helped find suppliers. However, open data allows you to do this much faster. That is why we created the YС.Market online product. You will get a list of counterparties with the required parameters in just a few clicks. It is all you need to:

  1. Expand your base by attracting new suppliers.
  2. Search for companies to participate in government tenders.
  3. Analyse the financial performance of companies.
  4. Get information on the creation of new companies and individual entrepreneurs.

Searching for suppliers with YC.Market reveals the most complete data about companies in Ukraine and the UK in a few clicks and at flexible rates. It is the best tool for finding counterparties, concluding partnership agreements, and making cooperation and strategic planning decisions.