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YC Market tool contains data
on 7,000,000 companies and individual entrepreneurs in Ukraine
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Expand your customer base
By using various filters, you can select companies by NACE code, region, registration date and other parameters for precise targeting of the audience
Company analysis
Detailed information on financial indicators, foreign economic activity and participation in tenders helps to choose the appropriate companies for cooperation
Risk assessment
Available indicators of financial and market stability of companies, information on ties with the Russian Federation and Belarus and sanctions
Lists and contacts
A convenient tool for creating lists of companies with contacts and additional information that can be saved and downloaded in Excel format
Data relevance
Systematic updating of data in the database and adding new companies
New companies monitoring
An available opportunity to track market changes, add new companies, and respond to them on time

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How to find and attract customers: Find effective strategies

Finding potential customers is essential for business success. Regardless of the industry, manufacturing or service sector, customer search follows companies at all stages of their operation, from start-ups to international corporations. Therefore, the speed and accuracy of attracting customers impact profits directly. This is a good reason to improve this process, isn't it?

Who should be looking for new customers?

The function of searching for and attracting customers most often belongs to the sales department. These specialists are in direct contact with new and existing counterparties. However, the list of important partners is much broader, including those interested in attracting customers:

  • Marketing experts
  • Supply chain specialists
  • Regional representatives
  • Heads of branches and subsidiaries
  • Business development experts
  • and managers of various departments.

Thus, almost every motivated specialist is interested in attracting new customers.

Expand your customer base with YC.Market

YC.Market is the most comprehensive source of open data on companies in Ukraine and the UK. The completeness of the information and user-friendly YC.Market interface ensure a quick and accurate search for customers in any business sector.

Expand your contact base. Find new customers, partners, suppliers and counterparties. Get maximum data for development and growth in just minutes. With a few clicks in YC.Market, you're already working with the largest database of reliable customers and partners.